Tuesday 4 July 2017

Three things to remember when making a homeless application in Scotland

Govan Law Centre (GLC) is circulating information across Glasgow in our Prevention of Homelessness Rights Hubs to try and help people avoid common pitfalls when making a homeless application.

We've seen an increasing pattern where some people are indadvertedly prejudicing their legal rights through common mistakes. We have put together three straightforward messages to try and counter this:-

Don’t be put off. You’ve a right to get somewhere to stay. You might be told about ‘housing options’ or that there is no temporary accommodation available so come back later. Don’t be put off. If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness you have a right to make a homeless application. If you are homeless you have a right to obtain accommodation until the council makes its final decision.

Only give up existing accommodation if it’s an emergency. If you leave your home without a good reason you might be ‘intentionally homeless’ which means the council don’t have to give you a tenancy.  Always take free legal advice before you decide, unless it’s an emergency in which case put your safety first.

Never refuse an offer of a tenancy without taking advice. If you’ve made a homeless application and get an offer of a tenancy never just refuse it. If you do the council can say they have ‘discharged’ their duty, which means they don’t have to help you anymore. Instead, you can appeal it. Govan Law Centre can provide free legal advice how to appeal.


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