Friday 21 July 2017

Consumer Action Group visits Govan Law Centre

(From right) Dee Flanigan, Candy Walker, Marc Gander,
Mike Dailly and Lynn Fraser
Marc Gander, founder of the UK online consumer self-help community the Consumer Action Group dropped into Govan Law Centre (GLC) today.
Marc met some of the team at GLC and discussed various issues of benefit for consumers across the UK, with GLC's Mike Dailly.

Mike and GLC had worked very closely with Marc and members of CAG throughout the UK unfair bank charges campaign from 2004 to 2008, with CAG producing excellent self-help materials, free online support to litigants and strategic assistance along with GLC in bank charges litigation across the UK, together with Ray Cox QC and

CAG has over 385,000 registered users online, providing essential free support and tools to consumers across Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.  Marc also enjoyed an afternoon tour of some key Govan landmarks and local history.

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