Wednesday 25 January 2017

Manifesto for Scottish Local Government

Govan Law Centre (GLC) believes in the following inalienable human rights for Scots and asks that Scottish MSPs and MPs endorse and implement these human rights in Scotland

No one in Scotland will sleep rough.  Local councils must be given the resources and power to ensure that no human being has to ever sleep on our streets.

No one in Scotland will go hungry.  We must empower and resource local government so that no child or adult in Scotland ever suffers from hunger and malnutrition.

Every child in Scotland will have the best education that life offers.  Local councils must be resourced to make this happen. The Scottish Government should enforce and ensure good outcomes for young Scots.

Vulnerable Scots have access to justice. Women fleeing domestic violence shouldn’t become homeless, nor should private rented sector tenants be unlawfully evicted. Councils should be resourced and mandated to protect vulnerable Scots.

 Disabled Scots should not be charged for being disabled. We need to end council fee charging for social care and pay our carers.  

The Scottish Government should lobby to devolve employment law so we can protect workers rights in Scotland. The enforcement of employee rights should be devolved to councils.