Thursday 29 March 2012

Cuts to Home Owners' Support Scheme will create needless homelessness across Scotland

Govan Law Centre is very concerned to learn that the Scottish Government will reduce its funding to the very successful Home Owners' Support Fund (HOSF, which includes the Mortgage to Rent Scheme) by a massive 46% or £8.5m from April 1 2012, for the year 2012/13.

The HOSF had funding of £18.5m in 2011/12, but without any apparent public consultation the Scottish Government has decided to slash this budget to £10m for the financial year 2012/13.

GLC's Principal Solicitor Mike Dailly said:
"The Mortgage to Rent Scheme has been a great Scottish success story where demand massively outstrips supply. Often it is the only safety net for vulnerable homeowners facing repossession and homelessness, and without access to it, we are deeply concerned that many Scots are going to become homeless needlessly. Homelessness is a traumatic and terrifying prospect for families, and we should be extending this fantastic scheme in these tough times not cutting it. We hope the Scottish Government will think again on this cut".

"The Scottish Government had made access to the scheme much harder by tightening the eligibility rules in March 2009 and from next month those rules will be tightened once again - especially for bankrupt applicants. Govan Law Centre believes the Home Owner Support Fund is a huge Scottish success story which enables families to keep their homes by becoming a tenant instead of an owner. The scheme needs to be made more available to vulnerable Scots as a core part of Scotland's prevention of homelessness and housing policy and strategy. It is tried and tested. It works".

"Cutting the scheme's funding by almost 50% is the equivalent of taking a life ring from a drowning man or women".

The Mortgage to Rent (now part of the HOSF) scheme was introduced in Scotland in February 2003:

The equivalent Mortgage Rescue Scheme was introduced in June 2008 in Wales and January 2009 in England:

Details of the HOSF are available here:

Thursday 22 March 2012

Unfair bank charges update from GLC

GLC has settled a claim in full for the refund for overdraft charges with Santander UK plc. The claim was settled extra-judicially after proceedings had been raised utlising new legal and factual arguments.

Some of these arguments (but not all) are scheduled to be tested in the cases of Reid v. Clydesdale Bank plc, and Sharp v. Bank of Scotland plc. 

A debate will take at Glasgow Sheriff Court on 2 April 2012 in the case of Reid v. Clydesdale Bank plc, with GLC's Mike Dailly appearing for the pursuer, and Clydesdale's in-house legal team and counsel appearing for the defender.

The case of Sharp v. Bank of Scotland awaits a fresh hearing date.