Do you have a problem with your factor? Property managers in Scotland are by and large unregulated. This has enabled some companies to develop sharp and unfair practices.

For example, charging £17.62 per 'reminder letter' in addition to compound interest, issuing 'reminder letters' every week, registering liability notices for minor arrears, using the court system aggressively for small debts and deploying diligences such as exceptional attachment orders (warrant sales) and bankruptcy disproportionately.

All of this by companies who are supposed to act in good faith on behalf of homeowners. You employ them but what can you do if you are unhappy with your property factor?  Some of the possible options are set our below:

1 - Sack and replace your factor

2 - Challenge the charges

3 - Set up a reasonable repayment plan

4 - Complain to trading standards and the OFT