Friday, 18 March 2011

Glasgow City Council's eviction of the Jaconelli family in Glasgow's East End: Govan Law Centre statement

Govan Law Centre finds it reprehensible, inhumane and unnecessary for our client, Mrs Margaret Jaconelli and her family, to be forcibly ejected today from her home of 34 years when she has offered to leave voluntarily, and without any qualification, following the emergency mediation offered by the Scottish Government last night. 

Glasgow City Council have refused the Scottish Government's offer of mediation, notwithstanding Mrs Jaconelli has agreed to voluntarily leave her home after an opportunity to get the round the table, represented by Govan Law Centre, with an independent mediator from the Scottish Government. 

GLC's Principal Solicitor, Mike Dailly said:
"There is no need to evict my client, and to do so in circumstances where she has agreed to leave after Scottish Government emergency mediation makes no sense. Glasgow City Council's barbaric action is positively unGlaswegian and does not reflect the spirit of our great City".

"I remain extremely worried and perplexed that Glasgow City Council would prefer to forcibly evict a Glasgow family from their home of 34 years, rather than get round the table on Monday and discuss matters; particulary as I have advised the Council that my client is willing to voluntarily leave without further qualification". 

"Before yesterday's Court of Session action the Council was prepared to be flexible and compassionate, and give additional time to secure a civilised departure.  However, Council officials have done an inexplicable U-turn within the space of 24 hours, and there is a fear that this case may have become overly personalised. But it is still not too late to be reasonable".

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