Thursday 10 June 2010

Rogue landlords leaving new arrivals 'destitute'

The Evening Times reports that foreign workers are being lured to Glasgow with the promise of jobs and housing only to be left destitute, MSPs have been told.   Eastern Europeans are being charged hundreds of pounds by rogue agencies advertising in their countries, but end up unable to pay rent after they arrive.

The Scottish Parliament equal opportunities committee met in the City Chambers yesterday to discuss immigration and associated problems and heard some shocking examples of exploitation. Govanhill Law Centre told the committee it was dealing with more than 20 people from Czech Republic and Slovakia who became unable to support themselves.

The committee was told: “Local private landlords appear to have entered into informal arrangements with the agencies, allowing the agencies to act as ‘landlord’.

“When the workers are unable to pay their rent, the letting agent or owner of the property tend to harass and intimidate the workers. Several of the workers have been threatened with assault, they have had their gas and electricity cut off too.”

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