Wednesday 19 August 2009

GHA vice-chairman claims he was forced to quit

The vice-chairman of Scotland's biggest social landlord claims he was forced to quit because he was "hostile to politicians".

Fred Shedden says he had to stand down as vice-chairman of Glasgow Housing Association because Karen Watt, the Scottish Housing Regulator, had made it clear his continued presence on the GHA board would not be acceptable.

Mike Dailly, of Govan Law Centre, who has regular dealings with the GHA on housing issues, said the problem with the GHA was a "fundamental lack of leadership".

"The reason that the GHA has failed is because it has lacked a heart and a soul, which in any community-based housing association comes from the ordinary people on its management committee."

He said Mr Shedden was "part of the problem because he comes from a different world and a different ethos".

Full story in The Herald.

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