Friday 11 December 2015

Independent evaluation evidences overwhemling need for Govan Law Centre's prevention of homelessness service

An independent evaluation by Susan Solomon: Independent Research and Evaluation Specialists has found that Govan Law Centre's prevention of homelessness service has "exceeded expectations", was rated as "overwhelmingly positive" and a "success" by all stakeholders, partners and clients.

The report is published here (opens as a PDF).  An example of some of the views of service users and stakeholders are set out below.

"When I met [GLC] I was in a bad place ... I was sofa surfing ... pregnant ... all sorts was happening ... GLC got me into supported accommodation"
(Female, 27 years old)

"I was sleeping on the streets ... trailing to that Twomax place and Hamish Allan every day for about a fortnight ... every day they said they didn't have anything.  I went to GLC ... totally amazing how it all changed ..."
(Male, 28 years old)

"It's simple and immediate ... that's why it works so well ... right place at the right time".
(Partnership Organisation)

"It's enhanced what we do here tremendously ... that's its strength ... it's a win win for both us and our Users".
(Partnership Organisation)

GLC's Prevention of Homelessness Senior Manager Alastair Sharp said:
"Our innovative Rights Hubs Assertive Outreach Service takes the service to the most vulnerable and marginalised  people in Glasgow.  We make sure that our clients are accommodated and that their housing needs are met, along with providing a holistic service which includes welfare rights, social care, access to solicitor/solicitor advocates.  This report provides independent evidence of the overwhelming need for this essential service in Glasgow".

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