Friday, 31 January 2014

GLC welcomes Welfare Reform Committee's report and renews its 2012 call for £50m to neutralise the bedroom tax in Scotland

Govan Law Centre welcomes the Scottish Welfare Reform Committee’s statement on the unfairness of the bedroom tax. At Govan Law Centre we see those affected by the bedroom tax on a daily basis and are currently fighting for our clients to stay in their home.

The Scottish Parliament should be given more powers and resources in order to mitigate the bedroom tax however we feel that currently the Scottish Parliament has the ability to legislate creatively in order to mitigate the effects of the bedroom tax on the Scottish people. 

Our call from November 2012 for a prevention of homelessness fund to be created, supported by Shelter in February 2013 asking for a £50m fund is one way we feel the Scottish Parliament could utilise their current powers. A recent petition in the Scottish Parliament backed this position and we hope that it is successful. 

Of course the best way to stop this regressive housing policy is to scrap the bedroom tax in its entirety and that this power lies with Westminster and we join the Committee in calling for the Westminster Government to call an end to the bedroom tax.

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