Sunday 24 November 2013

Govan Law Centre pays tribute to Danny McColgan, GLC Board Member

Danny McColgan
The Board and staff of Govan Law Centre (GLC) are deeply saddened by the recent and sudden death of our Board Member, Danny McColgan on Thursday, 21st of November 2013. 

Danny was a highly respected and long standing trustee of GLC, helping to support and secure the development of our community law centre from just four staff in the early days to almost 30 today.

Danny McColgan was a Govan man through and through. Born and bred in Govan, with his father being a Govan shipbuilder, whenever he wasn’t travelling he would return to the Govan area to live. It was only in later years he moved to Irvine in Ayrshire.

He lived a long, well-lived, well-travelled and varied life gaining along the way a very broad world experience, he lived a live in the service of the UK – Soldier, Merchant Seaman and in Aviation.  

He travelled the world experiencing many different cultures and perspectives. Danny lived through and experienced first-hand the world events that shaped how the world is today.
Danny in 1949

Danny was always ‘left of centre’ and was a long time Civil Service Union and Labour Party activist, he campaigned for peace, was vociferously anti-war and anti-nuclear weapons. 

In World War 2 he fought at the Battle of the Bulge and Operation Market Garden. He was seriously injured during the final advance into Germany in 1945.

Danny was well loved and respected by his family, his colleagues and others. He will be sorely missed by all at Govan Law Centre and we were fortune that he served on our Board for many years. Our thoughts are with his family.

A funeral service will take place at Holmsford Bridge Crematorium, Irvine, KA11 4EF on Monday 9th December 2013 at 3pm.



  1. So sad to hear this. I worked with Danny at Glasgow Airport in the 70s. He was unfailingly kind and I cannot recall him ever saying a bad word about anyone (even me...and I must have tried his patience on more than one occasion). One of natures truely nice people.....the world is a little colder today.

  2. Danny was a remarkable man and great friend for many years he will be sadly missed. I remember asking him to join the board of Govan Law Centre and was delighted at his enthusiasm to get involved. It was an opportunity to continue his fight for social justice. A true son of Govan our thoughts are with his family.

  3. His service is at :-

    Holmsford Bridge Crematorium
    KA11 4EF
    01294 214720

    DATE – Monday 9th December 2013
    TIME – 3pm

    And afterwards at

    The Gailes Hotel
    KA11 5AE
    01294 204040

    4PM Approx - directly after the ceremony in the crematorium.

    Family, friends, comrades, colleagues and anyone that knew Danny are very welcome.