Wednesday 15 May 2013

GLC informační průvodce - Govan Law Centre publishes its 'Challenge the Bedroom Tax Toolkit' in Czech

Govan Law Centre (GLC) has published its highly successful 'Bedroom Tax Toolkit' in Czech, and is distributing the Czech version of its toolkit through Govanhill Law Centre to assist members of the EU migrant worker communities in Glasgow. The Czech version of GLC's bedroom tax toolkit is freely available here.

GLC's 'Challenging the Bedroom tax Toolkit', aims to provide people with a means to utilise their rights of review and appeal in law, in terms of changes in the eligibility rules to UK housing benefit from the new 'under-occupancy' rules, which came into force last month.  

The GLC bedroom tax toolkit was developed to protect our clients and other tenants across the UK, including in terms of the 'anti-test case' social security rules, whereby if future legal challenges to the bedroom tax were successful (there are over 10 judicial reviews ongoing across the UK at present) people would be able to receive back payments, subject to any successful court challenge.

GLC has been careful not to give false hope to people; we are empowering and enabling people to act upon their human rights to challenge bedroom tax and housing benefit decisions. Legal arguments are untested, although there are some decisions which point in the favour of disabled tenants in particular in the UK.

GLC's toolkit has been e-mailed to over 7,000 people across the UK by us directly, and has been distributed many times more through social media and online resources, and is available through a number of advice agency websites, including Shelter Scotland, Shelter Wales and Birmingham Law Centre.


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