Wednesday 6 February 2013

Money Advice Scotland back 'No evictions for bedroom tax'in Scotland' campaign

GLC is delighted to announce that Money Advice Scotland has agreed to back the 'No evictions for bedroom tax in Scotland' petition and campaign. The petition to the Scottish Parliament now has 1,066 signatures since going live at the weekend, and is growing every day. You can sign the petition here.

Money Advice Scotland (MAS) is the national umbrella organisation in Scotland which promotes the development of free, independent, impartial, confidential money (debt) advice and financial inclusion. 

MAS serves a membership of over 200 members organisations and individuals drawn from local authorities, CABx, and other voluntary projects, who all provide money advice. Other members who are supportive of our objectives include Insolvency Practitioners, creditor and debt collection organisations.

GLC believes that the bedroom tax is the new poll tax in Scotland, and that bedroom tax arrears of rent should be treated as an ordinary debt in Scots law, so that tenants do not have to suffer the pain, suffering and indignity of bring evicted from their home because of the bedroom tax.

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