Tuesday 27 September 2011

Public consultation on Property Factors (Scotland) Act 'Code of Conduct'

The Scottish Government has launched 12-week consultation on a proposed statutory Code of Conduct, to be made under the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011, which was passed by the Scottish Parliament earlier this year.

Property managers administer communal areas, roofs and stairwells in an estimated 225,000 flats and tenements across Scotland. Land maintenance companies look after the common green space on many new housing estates. The act, which comes into force no later than October 1, 2012, aims to provide protection for homeowners in Scotland who receive services from property factors.

Compulsory registration for all property factors and a tribunal based dispute resolution process for homeowners will be introduced.

Minister for Housing and Transport, Keith Brown said: "Property managers have an important role to play in maintaining and improving housing stock condition and open space. While the majority of property factors provide a good, effective service, the Scottish Parliament voiced concerns about how some property and land management services are delivered".

"The act will provide protection for homeowners in Scotland who receive services and the code of conduct is a central element of that act. “I would urge everyone with an interest in this important issue to respond to the consultation.”

During the consultation period the Scottish Government will hold a series of consultation workshops for property factors and for homeowners and members of the public. The act was introduced as a member’s bill drafted by GLC on behalf of Glasgow MSP, Patricia Ferguson. The Scottish Government supported the bill and worked with Ms Ferguson to make the legislation as effective as possible.

The consultation will run from Monday 26 September until Friday 16 December.


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  1. About time, there are so many "Cowboys" in the industry with no regulation at all.