Monday, 24 January 2011

Scottish Parliament Committee hear evidence of employers who “take advantage” of migrant workers

Govanhill Law Centre’s submission to the Scottish Parliament’s Inquiry into Migration and Trafficking has been cited in the Parliament’s final report.

The Inquiry, held by the Equal Opportunities Committee last year, heard evidence from a large number of stakeholders including migrants, local authorities, the voluntary sector, police, academics, journalists, MSPs and the Crown Office. The innovative partnership working approach of the Hub in Govanhill was recognised by the Committee as an example of good practice.

The Inquiry heard evidence on the nature and extent of migration to Scotland and described the lack of migration data, public perceptions about migration and the influence of the media as “key overarching issues“.  The Committee recognised key challenges in “improving awareness among migrants about public services, and their rights and entitlements“, “employment including exploitative employment practices“, health, education, housing, policing and enforcement.

Govanhill Law Centre Solicitor Lorraine Barrie said “we are pleased that the Committee have recognised the significant barriers many migrants experience when living and working in Scotland in terms of receiving advice and information about their rights and practical barriers to reporting exploitative employers.   We are also pleased that the partnership working approach of the Hub in Govanhill, which we are part of, has been recognised as an example of good practice“.  The full story can be read on Govanhill Law Centre's website here.

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