Saturday, 27 November 2010

Update: unfair bank charges on BBC 1's Rip-off Britain

Unfair bank charges, including clients of Govan Law Centre, were featured on BBC 1's Rip-off Britain at 9.15am on Monday, 29 November 2010.

Sadly, the programme decided to take a soft approach and focus on peripheral issues around charges (e.g. communication concerns) as opposed to the tough question of whether the UK bank charging model was unfair in law, whether it was morally acceptable to exploit vulnerable consumers to subsidise better off customers,  as well as overlooking the plight of thousands of UK consumers still trying to seek refunds of unfair charges.


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  1. Try this: HSBC just sent me the new rates for interest credits for savings, and debit charges if I was to borrow money. Savings Interest is now 0.1% and debit interest is 19.9%. the gap is huge and the interest rates for debits are almost the same as credit cards. That deserves to go to the banking onbudsman to see if its actually 'reasonable and fair'.
    Best wishes,
    Roland Tennyson