Sunday 28 June 2009

Welcome to the new

Websites can be a bit dull. Occasional updates and the inability to interact with online content doesn't make for a dynamic service.

Yet, many websites contain a wealth of useful information. GLC has been providing free legal resources online since 1999. Our philosophy is rooted in the notion of contributing to a public legal education service.

We've always posted legal know-how online to enable advisors and citizens to take free advantage of our practical experience; and we've recognised the power of the internet to campaign for progressive law reform and social justice. We won't be changing that philosophy.

But we have changed our main entry page to provide blog-style accessibility and a free subscription service.

Effectively the blog will sit above the main GLC website and provide us with a fantastic opportunity to update topical content much more easily and frequently.

It will also provide you with the chance to have your say, join in the discussion, and let us know if we are right or wrong! ps. If you're still looking for the old GLC entry page, don't worry it's here.

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