Monday, 8 October 2012

Aberdein Considine refuse to give copies of pre-action mortgage documents in Scottish repossession cases

Govan Law Centre (GLC) is concerned to note a change in practice by one of the panel firms of solicitors who represent lenders in Scottish mortgage repossession actions. Aberdein Considine and Co., Solicitors have advised us that they will no longer provide copies of formal mortgage correspondence sent to customers before court proceedings were raised. This change in practice will adversely affect many of our clients in future.

We are required to check such correspondence in order to properly advise our clients of their legal rights.  Not all customers retain all such documentation, particularly where they are under financial pressure or have health or other problems. All other lender’s firms in Scotland currently provide defenders' advisors with copies of pre-litigation correspondence when requested, which is often available in electronic form and can be readily provided by e-mail.

GLC is concerned to note that Aberdein Considine and Co., Solicitors will no longer provide us with copies of formal pre-litigation letters send by their clients. The Financial Services Authority's MCOB rules requires authorised firms to deal fairly with any customer who is arrears of his or her mortgage (R13.3.1).  This extends to agents acting on behalf of firms. Firms are also expected to liaise with a customer’s advisor regarding payment or sale shortfalls.  

GLC does not believe that the policy approach of Aberdein Considine and Co., is in the interests of lenders' customers and appears to be at odds with the FSA’s Principles of Business (Principle 6).Accordingly, GLC intends to formally take these policy issues up with lenders in the first instance


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